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Farmer Direct Organic

Regenerative Organic Certified® Steel Cut Oats

Regenerative Organic Certified® Steel Cut Oats

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Toothsome and creamy at once, our Regenerative Organic Certified® Steel Cut Oats are worth the few extra minutes. The resulting slightly nutty porridge is excellent served sweet with maple syrup or savory with meat, salt and herbs. Oats are heart-healthy and high in soluble fiber (the kind that helps reduce LDL, or 'bad', cholesterol) plus vitamins and minerals.




Gluten free Vegan Organic Non Gmo Dairy Free

Farmer Direct Organic

An organic food future is here. When you choose Farmer Direct Organic, you’re supporting a food future that is good for you, your farmers and the planet. Always grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides or GMOs and traceable back to the family farm where it was produced.

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