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Plant-Based Cheese - Sundried Tomato & Olive

115 g

Sweet and salty, this flavour combination delivers a perfect Mediterranean medley of ingredients that encompasses the sweet and tangy elements of sundried tomato and combines them with the deliciously savoury aspects of kalamata olives. This cheese is perfect for those who enjoy various textures in their food as it incorporates two texture-rich ingredients with our classically smooth mouthfeel. This cheese holds it own, melted down as a pasta sauce as the one and only star of the dish.


Ingredients: Cashews*, Filtered water, Kalamata olives*, Coconut oil*, Sun-dried tomatoes*, Nutritional yeast, Himalayan sea salt, Bacterial cultures (* = organic)

Probiotic: Bifidobacterium lactis HN019




Culcherd’s products look, feel, and taste like dairy, yet every ingredient begins life as a seed. All Culcherd plant-based dairy products are organic and made with natural ingredients, using traditional artisan techniques.