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Plant-Based Cheese - Sriracha Jalapeño

115 g
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The marriage of jalapeño and organic sriracha give this rich and flavourful cheese a spicy kick! We suggest eating it solo in order to experience the rich taste it has to offer.


Ingredients: Cashews*, Sriracha* (Red jalapeno pepper puree*, Water, Red bell pepper puree*, Sugar*, White vinegar*, Garlic puree*, Salt, Garlic*, Powdered habanero peppers*, Xanthan gum), Filtered water, Coconut oil*, Nutritional yeast, Himalayan sea salt, Jalapeno*, Bacterial cultures (* = organic)



Culcherd’s products look, feel, and taste like dairy, yet every ingredient begins life as a seed. All Culcherd plant-based dairy products are organic and made with natural ingredients, using traditional artisan techniques.